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About us

About us

We are a group of passionate geeks

We are a team of IT experts driven by our passion. We thrive to cater our clients with the best-in-the-industry services and our expert solutions.

Our Mission

We aim to become keen geeks that believe in adopting the vision and mission of our clients and bestow them with the best services and cutting edge solutions. Our mission is to benefit our customers with our technical expertise, creativity and industry experience in their growth journey. We thrive to walk hand in hand with our clients by developing the best websites, software and mobile applications that contribute to success of our customers.

We want to build a team of geeks that are keen to cultivate the best development and design practices that can be used in benefit of our customers. Our mission is to provide healthy working environments to our team, so they can sharpen their skills and work in the direction of achieving success milestones for customers, themselves and BitGeek.

We want to partner with passionate and highly driven companies and individuals that believe in ‘Grow Together” mantra.

Core values

Case studies

CMS / DMS Domain

JAVA, Microservices, Solr Cloud, Spring Boot

Expertise Delivered
Document management with Security, Wiki, blogs, Events

CMS/DMS system contains rich features of Storing Document , Viewing, Online Editing and sharing with Security which is widely used among Law and Pharma firms to maintain Data Integrity over cloud Storage

Its an client server application which allows users to store there documents or Import them over different sources and apply permissions while granting access to other users.Its has other rich features of wiki , Blogs and Event management to help organisations to manage the Training and Publishing contents


  • Application is used by a variety of industries like Phrama, Law Firms, hospitals and IT industry.
  • They can manage their documents and contents over cloud.
  • Easy to Search content with help of powerful solr cloud.

Key Features

  • Users can manage and Import Files and store them in Hierarchy.
  • Users can create and organise content in Wiki with Permission for Access.
  • Users can publish instant blogs or can schedule to publish it at a point of time.
  • Event can be Organised with different views.


  • Application supports different operating systems.
  • Easy to use - Portal is available by just logging into URL.
  • High Availability - 0% downtime. No Need to worry about downtime to get upgrades.
  • Responsive Design from Desktop to mobile.
  • Data analytics.
  • Easy Access with security.
  • Workflow Automation.
  • Powerful Search Engine.

Airport shuttle reservation

JAVA, Shuttlefare API, Flightstate API

Expertise Delivered
Booking Management System

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Shuttlefare ( is the premier airport shuttle reservation company offering an advanced reservation system to both travelers and selected shuttle partners.

Shuttlefare Desktop Client is standalone Application which allows agent to manage their bookings through this application through web portal. The application is user friendly in terms of a Layman can make bookings easily without any prior knowledge of application. This is a Standalone application required no installation except internet connectivity as it uses API Calls of Shuttlefare.


  • Application can be used by variety of user base to book rides. Booking can be made across 65+ worldwide airports.
  • They can manage bookings in terms of Edit or Cancel rides, payment history, Discount codes, etc...
  • Easy to manage all kind of bookings, cancelation, payments, discount etc... From single portal.
  • Agents can manage their client’s reservations in better way
  • Various attractive offers and discount avaliable on bookings.

Key Features

  • Agents can manage their own bookings/rides.
  • Flight's status wlil help agent to take better decision on booking time.
  • Shortcuts keys for every function wlil help agent to access the system.
  • Standalone application. No installation needed.
  • It is developed in Java Web Start. Java Web Start (JWS) is a full-fledged Java application that allows Java client applications to be deployed, launched, and updated from a Web server.
  • It provides a mechanism for application distribution through a Web server and facliitates Java rich-client access to applications over a network.


  • Application supports different operating systems.
  • Easy to use - Application can be setup on agent's machine by single clien
  • Auto update - No need to take care of re-setup everything when application has new version
  • Access controls. Based on access Agent wlil get functionalities
  • Proper validation which wlil avoid generic mistakes
  • Print is tested with many systems
  • Windows (System tray) which wlil help you for notifications
  • Easy to get all the notifications on the fly
  • By Copy and Paste, agents can duplicate the reservation swiftly
  • User interface is same for every system.
  • Java Web Start software provides the power to launch full-featured applications with a single click. Users can download and launch applications, such as a complete spreadsheet program or an Internet chat client, without going through lengthy installation procedures
  • The link points to a Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) flie, which instructs Java Web Start software to download, cache, and run the application.

Audio Instrument Service Provider

JSP, Servlet, MySQL, jQuery, Quartz Scheduler

Expertise Delivered
Crawler System

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BotTool it’s a one type of admin dashboard. By this web portal admin can Add/update/delete Scheduled for fetch products from other site, price comparison and set new value for product, can see founded new products, see and resolve Errors while fetching products, Crawl site management, Review while Scheduling, automatic email sending, Download products etc...


  • A main goal of this application is, User can get almost perfect analysis report of current market trend against listed out project
  • User can track the price of every product which are listed out
  • Based on current trend, we can up and down product prices
  • Frequently we can monitor prices with markets
  • Such application is separate than actual project so it will not impact with actual web portal.
  • User can manage list of other sites/portal which are market comparators

Key Features

  • Such application was designed for intranet so there's no any security issue
  • Secured. Based on user role.
  • Only user can manage other sites/portal which we can add from main page
  • Many modules like, Session management, Price comparison, Add new products, Notifications, Site managements


  • This application will provide runtime accurate data from other sites/portal
  • Used proxies to avoid further issues
  • User can easily monitor all projects along with other comparators
  • If prices are difference then auto notifications will be sent to appropriate admins
  • User can manage frequencies of crawling cycl
  • Error tool will provide detail level log which can help to make this application in terms of perfect
  • User can manage sites/portals from this portal

UAE Government

JSP, Servlet, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap

Expertise Delivered
User Management System

Download case study

Abu Dhabi judicial Department of Abu Dhabi government was looking for portal application that enables their user to use electronic media to receive the services of the Judicial Department, and the Courts, in a fast and easy manner. Client also wants server application to manage their user and services requested by user.

Users Management system aims to identify and acknowledge the individual and business entities that interact with Customer and to grant a unified system access to authorized entities seeking services from Customer.


  • Abu Dhabi judicial Department of Abu Dhabi government was looking for portal application that enables their user to use electronic media to receive the services of the Judicial Department, and the Courts, in a fast and easy manner. Client also wants server application to manage their user and services requested by user.
  • Users Management system aims to identify and acknowledge the individual and business entities that interact with Customer and to grant a unified system access to authorized entities seeking services from Customer.

Key Features

  • Users Management system is divided into two modules. UMS Admin and Portal UMS
  • Ums application is developed into two languages Arabic and English.
  • Register Client Profile: This is the primary process that registers client profiles and issues client code and initial online access details to prospective clients
  • Maintain Client Profile: This is the secondary process that allows registered clients and Client Service Representative to access client details and request additional eServices
  • Secured.


  • Create and Manage Eservice Types and workflow groups
  • Create and Manage Workflow Groups
  • Associate eService types with workflow groups
  • Add/Remove users to workflow group for getting access of eservices of eservices types
  • Create and Manage Eservice of various eservice types
  • Approve or Suspend eService access
  • Application provides handling of an electronic document submitted by a client or authorized person as a Supporting document during client profile registration or maintenance
  • By using this portal customer can registration their portal, view list of eservices and eservice types available at Abu Dhabi department


I would like to show my gratitude for the wonderful job you guys have done. I am really happy with your services and the final product. I had many big companies lined up to develop my desktop client for Suttlefare, but I chose you among all of them and I must say it was the best decision for sure. I enjoyed the whole journey, started from the very first step of discussing the requirement for the end product delivery. It was a pleasure working with you during different phases such as, scope finalization, content development, layout development and the final deployment. The most appreciated part of this journey is your professionalism and on time delivery. I am looking forward to continuing this relationship with future product enhancements and feature development.

Greg Bessoni (Co-founder, Shuttlefare, Airport shuttle services)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the BitGeek team. They are really apt at their job. They guided me during different stages of my web portal development task and kept on giving me good suggestions to assure I develop a web portal with the best standards. The best part is they never enforced their expertise and recommendations. I was the final decision maker and I appreciate such grounded nature of the team. They were always ready to make changes whichever I asked them to do as well as they provided me satisfactory answers all questions of mine. At the end of the development and deployment phase, they gave me thorough training that is commendable as it made me more confident about the things. I would like to thank them for helping me in the process of transforming my vision in a live web portal. Thanks BitGeek!

Greg Bessoni (Co-founder, Skoot shuttle services)

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